Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My babies in the snow

We had sooo much snow this year, more than I've ever seen,
and the pussy cats were very intrigued.

Middy on the fence


Tiger loving her first snow


Joey and Tiger

Tiger and Middy

I have a new etsy website for my jewellery pieces, and it's so exciting to get them on. However, I didn't think about how it's the most saturated category on Etsy, so I don't think many people have seen them yet.

I love mixing my jewellery techniques with textiles. So most of my pieces have some form of crochet in them, or applique. Mixing colours alongside textures is also important to me; for instance gemstone beads with woollen crochet circles, and woven cotton.

Please come and visit

Green quartz, jasper and a vintage rose cabochon with crochet on a silk cord

This is a felt heart that has vintage fabric, 2 crochet circles,
a vintage button and a vintage flower cabochon

Three coloured heart with a coral colour vintage floral cabochon

Lilac felt heart with antiue floral fabric and a pink cabochon

Get better at blogging

Looking at my posts from 2010, I've realised how bad I've been at regular blogging. It's something I really want to do, but that thing called 'life' does prevent it at times.

So the new years resolution is to try and get better at it.

I've just uploaded some images of work from last year, but this is my first real blog of 2010, and it's about the QUILTS exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England. It runs from 20 March - 4 July 2010 and covers 1700 - 2010. I can't wait to get up and see it. Here is the link to the V and A website.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Christmas Fair

Christmas Markets 2009

Can't believe it's taken me 3 months to put some images on taken at christmas.

Felt Brooches

Shaftesbury Town Hall

Feather and crochet fascinators

Lavender bags made with gorgeous antique fabrics and lace


Some Jewellery and the making of, from 2009

Textile pieces ready to become necklaces
Some are already on my jewellery etsy shop

Embellished, embroidered and beaded hearts
(which will become necklaces)

Victorian inspired brooches

Wednesday, 4 February 2009